The team at 4 Horsemen Racing was stoked to work on one of the first 100 C8 Corvette Z06’s ever produced. This elegant red over tan specification is the ideal combination to have with the naturally aspirated flat plane crank 5.5L V8.

With less than 100 miles on the odometer, this client brought in his car looking to protect his vehicle against rock chips, scratches, and other road hazards. 

We started off with a full body paint correction, removing the blemishes in the finish that came from factory. After making the paint better than new, we applied the best Paint Protection Film in the industry – 10mm ceramic infused gloss.

The application process went smoothly, notice how all the factory carbon fiber aero components are completely protected. It became clear to our experienced installers that this vehicle is far from a standard C8 Stingray. The amount of surfaces needed to be covered on this Z06 was significantly higher then the “base” model.

Knowing that this car would be throughly enjoyed and hand washed regularly, we ceramic coated the entire vehicle. We applied ceramic on the inside to protect the inside from liquid and stains, the exterior and wheels to make detailing this beauty a breeze.

What’s next? An aftermarket exhaust to open up this high revving motor.