About Us

4 Horsemen Racing started for one simple reason: we have a deep passion for cars and their performance! Growing up, the phrase “do what you love” was ingrained in all of our minds. 4 Horsemen Racing is the product of doing what we love every day. This isn’t work for us! This is what we live, breathe, and enjoy. You will see the depth of our passion by the quality of our work! 
We don’t just preach, we practice! We have sponsored professional racers, built high-performance cars, and even done some racing ourselves. In the cold Utah winters, we are at our local go-karting track and in the summer we are pushing our cars to their limits at Utah Motorsports Campus. We don’t let excuses, the weather, competitors, or any inconveniences prevent us from what we love doing; going fast and helping others go fast!

4 Horsemen Racing offers products we have tried, tested, and proven to be the highest quality possible. With our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, we guarantee we can help you reach your automotive goals.
Never hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team with any questions or concerns you may have. The best way to stay current on our builds, purchases, and promotions is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.




4 Horsemen Motors

Did you know 4 Horsemen Racing also has a car dealership? Check it out at: 4HorsemenMotors.com

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