Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between forged wheels and cast wheels?

 Forged rims are made from solid aluminum that are heated to allow pressurized machines to shape the rims. Forged rims get their name from the process of forging a single piece of aluminum into the shape of the wheel rims. Cast wheels on the other hand are made from aluminum that is melted into the liquid form and poured into molds.


How do I know what size/offset/bolt pattern and other wheel fitment measurements to order for my car?

We have calculated the fitment for hundreds of wheels for just about any car. If you have ANY questions about finding the right wheel for your car, call, text, or leave us a question in the chat box below and we will be glad to help.


Do you guys price match?

 4 Horsemen Racing is always trying to provide the best deals possible. If you have found a product somewhere else for a better price, feel free to reach out and we will see what we can do to save you money!


Is it safe to tune a car?

 Tuning a car is not bad for your engine if it is installed properly and you follow the advice from the manufacturer. 4 Horsemen Racing only sells the most quality products and tunes to ensure that your ride stays as safe and reliable as stock, while picking up some more power on the way.


Does 4 horsemen Racing install parts?

 4 Horsemen Racing doesn’t install parts, but if you check out our “Our Partners” page you will find a list of installers we trust to install your performance parts. If you would like to be an authorized installer for 4 Horsemen Racing, please reach out to us using the link at the bottom of the “Our Partners” page.


Can I pay for my items over time?

Yes, we have integrated certain financing options into our seamless purchase process. Affirm and PayPal Credit allow you to get your parts now but pay for them over time.


What is the offset of a wheel?

A wheels offset is the measurement between the centerline of a wheel and the mounting surface of the back of the wheel. The more negative an offset is, the more the wheel will move towards the fender. The more positive the wheel offset is, the more the wheel will tuck inside the fender towards the center of the car.


If I don’t see a part on your site that I am looking for, can I still buy it through 4 Horsemen Racing?

Yes, we have access to just about any performance part you may need. Feel free to reach out at any time and we will get you set up with whatever you need!