2017 Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2

2017 Lamborghini Huracan 580-2
Introducing the newest member to the 4 Horsemen Racing family, a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan 580-2. We are so excited to showcase what we can do with a custom build on this bad boy.
We will add photos, videos and updates as we begin the build process. We have so many cool ideas in store, but we would love to hear what ideas you might have. Comment below on what you would like to see on this build. The best ideas will win some 4 Horsemen swag, be featured on Instagram and could potentially win a ride in the Huracan once it is built.
Here are some pics we took of it stock. Just wait and see what a 4 Horsemen Racing build will look like. It's gonna be fire FIRE!
Our first priority with the Huracán is getting new wheels with better fitment. Not saying the stock fitment is bad...but it's the small details that make a build like this stand out. We love the look of Brixton Forged wheels but we are open to suggestions. Check out the renderings of the Brixton Forged VL4's and Brixton Forged VL1's below. If you have an idea of some wheels that might look good on the new whip, let us know in the comments!
 Brixton Forged VL4 in Olympic Bronze
Brixton Forged VL1 in a brushed finish
After much anticipation and a slight delay from Covid-19, the Lamborghini parts have arrived! The full 1016 Industries forged carbon kit, Sköl 3-piece wheels, & H&R suspension just got delivered to our warehouse. It's game time! 
The next step with this build is to wrap the car. We have 2 colors in mind that we are torn between, but we love suggestions from you! Drop a comment below if you have an idea of a color that we should wrap the Huracán. When the wrap is done, we will install the 1016 Industries forged carbon deck-lid, wing, side-skirts, rear bumper, and front bumper. After the carbon goodies are installed we are going to drop the Huracán on H&R Suspension coilovers and throw the Sköl 3-piece wheels on.
 The Lamborghini Huracán build is approaching completion. The wrap, forged carbon kit, and 3-piece forged wheels have all been installed. Check out the wrap, this stealth blue completely changes the car. We love it!!
The final piece to be installed (arguably the most important piece) is the lowering springs. This will eliminate wheel gap to make this Huracán have the perfect stance. Check out how the Lambo looks now that it's lowered!!


  • 4 Horsemen Racing

    @JAYMZ Maybe some twin-turbos to compliment the bumper delete?

  • jaymz

    scissor doors and bumper delete

  • Anthony

    I think chassis mounted wings look amazing on the Huracan.
    Armytrix also makes a sweet exhaust 🔥

  • Michael Shumway

    @STEVE PATTON Let’s just say we plan to hear some more “whine” from the 5.2L soon!

  • Steve Patton

    I can’t wait to see what you guys do with this. You going to supercharge or turbo it?

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