911 Turbo S

The Turbo S is the Fastest 911 that Porsche sells. With specs like this, we knew we had to have one.
580 hp
516 lb-ft
7,200 rpm Redline
205 mph Top Speed
2.9 0-60
We picked up this 991.2 Turbo S from our friends over at BJ Motors, upon delivery we were all shocked at how hard this car launched. The PDK is arguably the best transmission out there and when paired with 580HP and boost it feels UNREAL. This car was rolled out of the trailer and almost immediately launched (we love to use our cars at 4HR) The white with black accents really makes this modern 911 look so good. We also love the yellow "S" in "Turbo S" and think it really ties in the carbon ceramic brake calipers finished in yellow. The interior is amazing, there is tons of carbon fiber everywhere with everything else wrapped in black leather. The driving ergonomics of any 911 are near impossible to beat. It shows that Porsche has been refining these cars for over 50 years with near perfection in things like seating position, visibility, steering feel, pedal position, user interface, gages, front lift functionality, and more!
It was easy to say that we all fell in love with this car, we took it to the local racetrack and were once again blown away by its sharp consistency. Not once did we experience brake fade, the cars temperatures were all perfect. At altitude here in Salt Lake City it was awesome to have all that turbocharged power on tap coming out of turns on the track. There were several other Porsches there such as a 992 Carrera 4S with the factory aero package, a cayman GT4, and a GT3 Touring. Despite being the most "Grand touring" of the bunch we passed most of the other cars with all that boost available with out lag.
The Turbo S is used - no matter if on the track or on the way to pick up the kids from school it is driven like it's meant to be... with speed. The car has supercar speed, German reliability, and timeless looks? Is there anything that could make this package any better? The answer is yes.
The one thing that was missing was... the sound! With a car that can beat ANYTHING else on the road you need the racecar sound to match that. The Turbo S is one of the best cars ever made, we had to reach out to the best in order to find the right exhaust. That being said, we got in contact with Fabspeed and they told us they were developing a valvetronic exhaust system for the 991.2 Turbo S. Immediately we jumped on board. We know Fabspeed has the reputation for making BEAUTIFUL sounding exhaust systems for all supercars, so we were stoked to see what they had in store for our 911. When we got the package we unboxed it and were amazed by the build quality, like seriously this system is a work of art!
We immediately scheduled an appointment with Luxe Automotive to have one of their race technicians install this system. Here are some photos of the install... doesn't the 911 look awesome without the rear bumper?
We were STUNED with the difference in sound once this exhaust was installed. The turbo noises and whooshes are INSANE! The car is not obnoxiously loud inside but outside it definitely lets the world know that you are driving a F A S T car!! And, when the kids are asleep or you don't want to disturb your neighbors you can close the valves and be a little more low key. 
We loved this exhaust so much that we had to make a 12 minute comparison video showcasing the before and after! Check out the video on our YouTube channel!
If you are in the market to transform your vehicles presence with some of the best aftermarket parts in the industry, be sure to check out all of Fabspeeds products on 4horsemenracing.com

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