Overland Build: 2019 Toyota Tacoma

Not so long ago this Tacoma was completely stock. Right after purchasing this truck new, the owner wanted to make several modifications through 4 Horsemen Racing. 
Starting with a 6 BDS lift and Fox Shocks the ride on this tacoma was completely transformed. Now being able to conquer any type of terrain the owner wanted to change the stance with some wheels and tires. The goal was to have the tires poke 2 1/2 inches out of the wheel well. With all the changes in suspension an extra leaf spring was added in the rear to be able to ensure that the front "nose" of this truck would be pointed down slightly.
Then we added a Body Armor front push bar with a warn winch integrated. Also, we went for the aftermarket Toyota Grill to compliment the Blue on Black aesthetic. Continuing with that, we blacked out all the badges and emblems.
This tacoma currently has 20 Inch Black Rhino Rims wrapped in General Grabber 35x12.5x20 tires. We love this tire choice because of its durability and capability off and on the paved road.
This vehicle is equipped with the Body Armor Rear Rack to complete the Overland/Offroad look. You will typically see this rack with a shovel and axe mounted on both sides. We love this option because it does have the capacity to have a rooftop tent - making this Toyota the perfect week long overland adventure vehicle.
Most people in overloading will opt to run a more conservative lift and wheel setup (3 inch lift with 32" or 33") to avoid trimming liners and the need to modify the frame. But, we went big on this one to be able to achieve the look. This is a big truck! You would be shocked to see this truck next to a stock Toyota Tacoma, or even your everyday Ford F-150 or Silverado. 
Look no further than 4 Horsemen Racing to make your daily driver into a unique overland machine!

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  • Austin

    Love this build! Wanting to do the same wheel set up. What offset is this? Please whenever you can I would love to hear back. Great looking truck!

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