2016 C7 Corvette Z06

Do we only take on builds for European cars? Let the render below answer your question. We can take your wildest ideas and make them a reality no matter what kind of car you drive!

The C7 Corvette is being transitioned out of America's favorite front engine muscle car into the mid engine sports car with the new C8 Corvette. Building the most epic car possible to commemorate how iconic the C7 has been, and will be, is what we plan to do! 

At 4 Horsemen Racing we strive to make the car modifying process as seamless as possible for the customer. With any local build, we will pick your car up from your house and return the finished car back to your house! With this Z06 build, we picked up the bug and dust covered car from the clients house and the process began!

Do you think the rendering looks a little more sinister than the car looked when we picked it up? 

The client had one request with this build and that was to make it look MEAN! Here is the list of modifications we came up with:

  • Satin black wrap on entire car
  • APR carbon front splitter and under-tray
  • APR carbon side skirts
  • APR carbon hood vent
  • APR carbon taillight bezels
  • APR carbon rear wing
  • APR carbon diffuser
  • APR carbon mirror caps
  • Brixton Forged 3-Piece custom wheels (black)
  • Slight lowering of the car
  • JDP Stage II performance package (750HP / 770TQ)

We know what you're thinking... "that is a lot of carbon and a lot of power." EXACTLY! Between the stealth of the satin wrap, the shine of the gloss carbon, and the sound of the JDP Stage II Performance Package this thing is going to look and sound as mean as it gets! 

4 Horsemen Racing's authorized installer Luxe Auto Spa killed it with the wrap and carbon installation. The stock Z06 was completely transformed, and the best part is, the car is only going to get more wild in the days to come! The car has been dropped off at JDP Motorsports to get all of the go-fast goodies installed. 

The car begins to look more and more like the rendering every day! Trust us, we are just as anxious as you are to get these stock chrome wheels off, and put the 3-piece wheels on. What wheels would you put on this car if it was yours?

The Corvette Build has been completed and the car has been delivered to the customer. The 3-Piece Brixton Forged wheels completely changed the look of this car. The wrap, wheels, carbon fiber, and engine performance upgrades turned this car into one of the fastest and most sinister looking cars on the road. Check out the pictures of the final product below, and let us know what your favorite part of the build is!

Let us know in the comments below what you would have done differently if this was your build. Never hesitate to reach out to us with any custom build ideas you have for your car. 


  • Cristian Brown

    It looks really good! I would love to see the car in person one day at a very well planned out event on October 10th 2020. Well, a boy can dream… can’t he?

  • Kyle

    The stance is perfect! Looks tough great job!

  • Agustin

    That is a really nice car I hope to one day own a corvette at the current time I am only 16 but really want one.

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