Color Change Wraps

Vinyl Wrapping is the newest and most innovative thing to hit the customizing world in years. Known as Car Wrapping or Vehicle Wrapping it is a process of transforming the color and look of your car by applying large sheets of pressure sensitive vinyl film to each individual panel on the car.

Go beyond the limits of factory paint with a premium vinyl wrap.

With hundreds of colors to choose from, 4 Horsemen Racing can make your vehicle a 1/1.

Paint Protection Film

Have you ever heard the term paint protection film (or PPF) as it relates to an automobile? Paint protection film, also referred to as clear bra or a "wrap", is a thin layer of flexible material placed over a vehicle's body panels to protect them from flying rocks or road debris. This type of protective film can even save your car's paint from light hail damage or low-speed scrapes that would normally scratch and scar the finish. And while various forms of paint protection film have been around for more than two decades, the technology behind these films has evolved rapidly in recent years.

Ceramic Coating

The easiest way to keep your car looking clean.

With our industry-leading ceramic coatings, water and dirt will bead right off the exterior surfaces of your vehicle.


Window tint is applied to vehicles for several reasons. It is often installed to keep the inside of the vehicle cooler, and some people install it because they believe it makes the car more attractive. Window tint can also prevent glares from the sun, and prevent harmful UV rays from reaching the car’s occupants.


Paint protection film (PPF) is a transparent material applied over your car's factory paint. PPF protects your vehicle from rock chips, road debris, swirl marks, and other potential imperfections.

Available in gloss, and satin. You can either enhance or change your paint finish! Gloss PPF adds a layer of depth and shine, whereas Satin PPF removes all the gloss and gives your car that matte finish.

Vinyl has many different applications, it can be used to change the color of your vehicle completely or to cover up unwanted chrome trim pieces. The possibilities are endless, with hundreds of different colors, and finishes. You can choose gloss, satin, matte, or metallic in any color imaginable. 

4 Horsemen Racing, also has the ability to print one-off custom colors, and graphics.

There are a few key differences between Paint Protection Film and Vinyl. Below you can find a list of "pros & cons" for each material.


+PPF is thicker and provides more protection against rock chips and road debris.

+PPF also has more self-healing properties than vinyl.

+PPF is only available in Gloss and Satin Clear.

+PPF will self-heal itself from swirl marks and minor scratches

-PPF is not available in colors. Only Satin and Gloss


+Hundreds of color and finish combinations to change the color of your vehicle completely (Matte, Satin, Chrome, and Metallic)

+Option to print custom designs and colors

+Ability to make specific panels a different color (ex Roof, Hood, Window Trim, Door Handels)

+More cost-effective

-Does not stay on for the life of the vehicle (most wraps last up to 10 years)

-More vulnerable to rock chips

Ceramic Coating makes any surface it is applied on Hydrophobic, we strongly recommend including this to your vehicle's wheels, paint, and glass. Once applied, those surfaces will repel water making cleaning your car easier than ever.

Depite myths in the industry, Ceramic Coatings do not protect your car from rock chips or other forms of road debris. If you are looking to protect your vehicle, we reccomend applying Paint Protection Film (PPF) or a Vinyl Wrap.

We strive to raise the bar with every project we take on, with industry-leading materials and installers we commit to complete customer satisfaction. All of our work is guaranteed for one year.

At 4 Horsemen Racing, we are independently owned and operated by true car enthusiasts.

Beyond offering in-house Customization, we also have access to over 500,000 aftermarket parts on 4horsemenracing.com

Below you can find an approximate timeline of how long you can expect projects to take:

Full Paint Protection Film: 7 Days

Partial Paint Protection Film: 1-2 Days

Full-Color Change Wrap: 7 Days

Chrome Delete: 1-2 Days

Tint: 1-6 Hours

Ceramic Coating: 1 Day

Paint Correction: 2-3 Days

All of our work is guaranteed for one year.

We do offer installation for select performance parts. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and availability.