Up until recently, the largest, quickest, loudest engines were usually saved for the racetrack. They deliver thrills that most thought would only be enjoyed in a pure racing experience. GM has decided to bring that fantasy speed, acceleration, and sound to a daily driver for families.

The brand-new Cadillac Escalade V seems unsuspecting when you first set eyes on it. Most Escalades are never intended to catch a car enthusiast’s eye. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that this is not your ordinary Cadillac Escalade V. Underneath the hood of this massive SUV is a roaring 682 horsepower that will propel this tank from 0-60 in approximately 4.4 seconds. At this size, that’s an impressive feat.

We carefully wrapped this vehicle in paint protection film that’s made to last and preserve the beautiful luxury look of this SUV for years to come. The owners of this car will enjoy peace of mind with the kind of paint preservation that lasts longer than the rest.