At 4 Horsemen Racing, we know what you mean when you say your car is one-of-a-kind. 

When our customer came in, this was the phrase he used as he looked at the color options to wrap his car. He went with a full customization with purple chrome vinyl, a ceramic coating, window tint, and chrome deleted badges.

The result? Potentially one of the most unique car customizations in the state of Utah, and most definitely at the top of our list from the shop. The vinyl reflects the purple hues like no other and is bound to stop people in their tracks with its unique look and exciting finish.

At 4 Horsemen Racing, we’re car enthusiasts. We know you want your car to be yours and that it has its own unique history that makes it different from any other vehicle on the road. Contact us to start customizing your vehicle to give it that truly one-of-one vehicle look and experience.