AWE S-FLO Carbon Intake For BMW

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High spooler. Presenting the AWE S-FLO Carbon Intake Suite for the BMW F9X M5/M8:

  • Designed, engineered, and tested in-house at AWE
  • Max gains of 7 hp and 7 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels with stock software
  • 56% increase in filter surface area over stock
  • Modular design allows multiple configuration options
  • Available with or without S-FLO Carbon Covers -- change intake volume as desired
  • S-FLO Carbon Grille Inlets available separately or with S-FLO Carbon Intake
  • Easily convert between covered and uncovered within seconds
  • S-FLO Carbon Grille Inlets optimized to capture significant amount of ram air over stock
  • Smooth, direct transition from S-FLO Carbon Grille Inlets to S-FLO Intake
  • Features durable and washable high-flow AWE S-FLO Filters
  • Perfect integration with OEM inlet ducting
  • Retains stock mounting locations for OE-like fit
  • Genuine 2x2 carbon fiber construction
  • UV-stabilized resin and clear coat
  • Perfect fitment, guaranteed
  • AWE No Check Engine Light Guarantee

The Options

S-FLO Carbon Intake:

Dual filters with a 56% increase in surface area over stock, threaded seamlessly through the factory bracing with a sophisticated touch of 2x2 carbon fiber. Thanks to this increase in surface area, the M5’s S63 takes kindly to the respiratory refinement, translating 7 hp and 7 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels on factory software with plenty of room for upgraded software that demand higher-than-stock boost levels.

The S-FLO Carbon Intake is the perfect option for those seeking more volume from their intake when under boost. Want to hear more turbo induction sound from within the cabin? Good, we hoped you would. Equip S-FLO and full spool ahead.

S-FLO Carbon Covers:

The S-FLO Carbon Covers share the same 2x2 carbon fiber construction as the S-FLO Intakes, even down to the weave direction. Featuring a raised ceiling right above the S-FLO Filters and perfect integration to the factory air ducting, the S-FLO Carbon Covers allow a significant amount of ram air to surround the intake while keeping it stealthy in the sound department.

Mounting securely to the factory mounting points, the S-FLO Carbon Covers rid the plastic in exchange for an aesthetic fit for the F9X.

S-FLO Carbon Grille Inlets:

Trumping the factory inlets in every way, the S-FLO Carbon Grille Inlets utilize empty space behind the kidney grille for capturing charged air from the front of the vehicle. Facing forward instead of up (e.g. stock) allows the S-FLO Carbon Grille Inlets to funnel the charged air directly into the ducting behind the headlight and into the intake seamlessly. Adding form to function, the S-FLO Carbon Grille Inlets introduce a unique grade of aggression to the M5’s front end.

The S-FLO Carbon Grille Inlets are the perfect compliment to the S-FLO Carbon Intake, and also work with the factory intake configuration.

Upgrade options:

The S-FLO Carbon Intake can be purchased with or without the S-FLO Covers and Carbon Grille Inlets. If you want to add either at a later date, no problem.

What’s in the box?

Complete S-FLO Carbon Intake, S-FLO Carbon Covers and/or S-FLO Carbon Grille Inlets (if chosen), two S-FLO Filters, and all necessary hardware for installation.

Please note: we include rub strips to prevent damage from the factory bracing. Please see our installation instructions for proper application.

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