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AWE S-FLO Intake


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The S-FLO Intake

The AWE S-FLO Intake packs the same power as the full carbon intake, minus the carbon. The AWE S-FLO Intake is comprised of two key components: (1) The washable S-FLO Filter and (2) our high-flow, 4-ply Nomex®, fluorosilicone lined, steel wire reinforced silicon air tube. Together, it’s a free-flowing match made in heaven, allowing optimal flow geometry through the inlet, center section, and outlet of the tube, keeping things tight with our custom molded lip for a perfect seal to the airbox.

The AWE S-FLO Intake includes the AWE S-FLO Intake hose, S-FLO Filter, and all required hardware for installation.

The S-FLO Filter

The S-FLO Filter is the largest filter that can fit within the factory air-box, and also our bespoke filter of choice for all 3.0T / 3.2L S-FLO packages. The AWE S-FLO Filter is a proprietary, washable, oiled, large cylindrical filter that has been tested to allow up to 34% more airflow than the factory paper filter.



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