CTS Turbo Air Filter 3" for CTS-IT-105R/220R/260/020-CTS Turbo-4-Horsemen-Racing
CTS Turbo

CTS Turbo Air Filter 3" for CTS-IT-105R/220R/260/020


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This is a CTS Turbo universal 3" low profile cone filter, it has a tapered design to fit in tight spots.  These filters are used in our MK4 1.8T, 2.0T FSI, 2.oT TSI, B8 A4 intake kits. Also these filters can also be used in a custom big turbo application. 
3.0" Inlet x 8.0" Long x 5.0" Wide
High quality molded silicon base and cap
Stainless steel clamp
    • CTS-IT-020

    • CTS-IT-105R

    • CTS-IT-220R

    • CTS-IT-260

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