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CTS TURBO High Flow HFDV 1.5" (R32T/VR6T)


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CTS Turbo is proud to release the CTS High Flow (HFDV). The CTS HFDV is designed for high flow applications such as R32T and VR6T builds where recirculation of the charged air pressure is desired. With numerous years of turbocharger system design under our belt we decided to design our own valve and the CTS HFDV was born. With the CTS HFDV large displacement motors including VR6T and R32T will operate more efficiently and effectively, reduced compressor surge and reduced "fluttering" are common benefits customers speak of.
\nYour high powered engine deserves a diverter valve that can efficiently handle the volume of air flowing through it and the CTS HFDV is more than capable of handling the power you're making.  The CTS HFDV is machined from billet T6061 aluminum and anodized black for a stealthy look. Please note the CTS HFDV is designed for use in purely vacuum operated systems and has 1.5" inlet and outlet ports.
\n• Bolt-down cap, viton o-rings.
\n• All-aluminum billet contrustion.
\n• Anodized black for long-lasting finish.
\n• Large 1.5" inlet and outlet connections.

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