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H&R Ultra Low Coilover System - Fixed Damping


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H&R suspension components are synonymous with quality. Since the inception of H&R in the late 1970s, they have been making some of the highest quality suspension components available. With a need for an improved suspension in the automotive aftermarket, H&R essentially created the modern-day coilover that we are all used to. Not only concentrated on “stance,” H&R considered high quality materials and ride comfort extremely important.
Bring some of that German engineering to your vehicle with a set of H&R Ultra Low coilovers. The Ultra Low series is for the those individuals who want their vehicle as low as possible. The perfect solution for the tuner who is comfortable with smaller wheels and tires, removing fender liners, camber issues, and other problems. At some point, you have to sacrifice something for great looks. Designed for show vehicles, the Ultra Low series will lower the vehicle over 3.0” on average.
H&R has dedicated almost four decades to the suspension industry and it definitely shines through in the end product. Their teams of engineers and designers have consistently produced products obtaining the coveted TUV & ISO certification for safety and quality.
100% German made, the line of H&R coilovers is the original aftermarket suspension, but still one of the best.
Spring Rates: Front: 600 Rear: 625

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