KW CLUBSPORT KIT 3-WAY PORSCHE 911 (991), (991.2) Carrera 2/2S/GTS, 4/4S/GTS.-KW Suspension-4-Horsemen-Racing
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KW CLUBSPORT KIT 3-WAY PORSCHE 911 (991), (991.2) Carrera 2/2S/GTS, 4/4S/GTS.


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KW Clubsport 3-way coilovers
The technology of the 24-hour race winner

Using the Nordschleife as it's testing grounds and the 7-post rig, KW developed it's 3-way Clubsport coilover kit. Wheel loads, vehicle weight and chassis reinforcements (for increased body stiffness) can all be taken into consideration with adjustment capabilities of the 3-way Clubsport. Similar to KW Competition 3-way coilovers, low-speed and high-speed compression adjustment is done via KW's patented two-valve control on the reservoir.

By hand, you can tune the low-speed compression damping with six precise clicks on the purple adjustment dial. The gold adjustment dial allows the user to change the high-speed compression damping with 14 precise clicks. Rebound adjustment is provided with 16 clicks, each providing a noticeable change. A reduction in rebound forces provides a more comfortable ride quality suitable for highway driving.

- 16 precise clicks in rebound adjustment dampening
- Adjustable compression damping with 6 clicks in low-speed range and 14 precise clicks in the high-speed range
- Continuous lowering
- TÜV-tested adjustment range
- High-quality components for long-term durability
- Independent damping force adjustability with aluminum spherical bearing top mounts available

2013-2016 PORSCHE 911 (991) Carrera 2/2S/GTS, 4/4S/GTS, Coupe & Cabrio without PDCC.
2017+ PORSCHE 911 (991.2) Carrera 2/2S/GTS, 4/4S/GTS, Coupe & Cabrio with or without PDCC.

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