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KW DDC ECU Coilovers VW Golf VII


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KW DDC ECU Coilovers 2015VW Golf VII GTI, without DCC

he KW Dynamic Dampening Control (DDC) coilover kit gives you all the control you could ever want. With a click of a button you get individual lowering and three different damper setups. It can be chosen between a basic setup for sporty driving on normal roads, a comfortable setup for un-even/poor road surfaces and the extra sporty setup for maximum driving dynamics on well maintained roads and race tracks. The different damper settings are controlled electronically with a proportional valve that regulates the flow of oil in the damper within milliseconds of you hitting the button.

This set of coilovers offers average lowering of 0.6-1.8'' in the front and 0.8-2.0" in the rear

The KW Street Comfort coilover kit offers the following:

  • Maximum driving comfort with improved driving dynamics.
  • More comfort and flexibility over OE sport suspension.
  • Less body roll and improved handling.
  • Trapezoid thread for easy height adjustment.
  • High quality components for long lasting durability.
  • Adjustable rebound damping.

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