Stage 2 Endurance Clutch Kit-Southbend Clutch-4-Horsemen-Racing
Southbend Clutch

Stage 2 Endurance Clutch Kit


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An SFI approved single mass flywheel is recommended for this application to get optimal performance. This kit uses ceramic on the flywheel side of the clutch disc and organic on the pressure plate side for a smoother engagement over all ceramic. That being said, this clutch is made for a race environment. The pressure plate is precision balance for vibration free operation at high RPM. The pressure plate fulcrum is altered for a positive disengagement and a quick shift. 


Stage 2 Endurance Clutch Kits:

  • Recommended uses are daily and street with an emphasis on Rally and Endurance racing.
  • Conservatively rated to hold 430lbs/ft of torque.
  • Featuring a solid-hub center section for use with an OE dual-mass flywheel
  • Does not include flywheel

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