Street Performance Axle Pack Service Kit - Slotted - Front & Rear-StopTech-4-Horsemen-Racing

Street Performance Axle Pack Service Kit - Slotted - Front & Rear

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Choosing the correct friction formula for your particular application is essential for optimizing brake system performance and reliability. StopTech Axle Packs are pre-matched, direct-fit brake pad and slotted rotors are designed to simplify the upgrade process by matching their rotors and pads that to perform the best with eachother. The best of both worlds, these StopTech Street Axle Packs feature slotted StopTech Sport Rotors and StopTech Street pads for significantly improved performance with low dust and noise.

 StopTech is now the worldwide leader in Balanced Brake Upgrades™ for production cars, with over 277 platform offerings. The company consistently wins braking contests performed by independent publications, and is now the dominant, preferred brake system in the SPEED World Challenge® Touring Car Series, the most competitive, production based sprint race series in North America. 

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