Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Our belief is that paint protection film should enhance, not compromise, your vehicle’s aesthetics. Paint Protection Film (PPF), like XPEL, safeguards luxury vehicles. Our meticulous, craftsman-style installations ensure a tailored, seamless fit. XPEL’s industry-leading PPF defends against rock chips, road debris, scuffs, and light scratches. Its proprietary, self-healing top coat minimizes swirls. Backed by a 10-year warranty, trust Xpel for enduring protection without yellowing, discoloring, peeling, cracking, or hazing.

Gloss PPF

Discover a genuinely invisible shield for your vehicle, guarding it against the rigors of driving. XPEL’s Ultimate and Ultimate Plus films withstand the test of time without compromising the natural glossy finish of your vehicle. Bid farewell to outdated partial-panel installations and unsightly yellow films. Protect your cherished possession while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Whether safeguarding your factory satin-finish or seeking a glossy transformation, XPEL’s Stealth Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers an ideal solution. Protect your matte finish without altering its sleek appearance. Achieve the coveted stealth look without the dealership price tag—transform your car’s finish from glossy to satin. This innovative film not only preserves your original paint but also elevates your vehicle’s road presence.

The future of protective films is here and it looks incredible. Fashion films are a new and bold way to provide an unparalleled level of protection while also making a statement. Choose from a range of patterns and colors, including: gloss carbon fiber, satin carbon fiber, gloss black, or a range of bright and vibrant colors. Combine fashion films with traditional protective films to add tasteful accents to your vehicle.


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