Window Tint

XPEL PRIME window films redefine style and comfort, offering an aesthetic upgrade, privacy, and top-tier heat rejection for interior protection. Setting the standard in automotive window tinting, our service excels, backed by XPEL’s lifetime transferable manufacturer warranty. This ensures protection against discoloration, fading, bubbling, peeling, cracking, and delamination, providing lasting peace of mind.

XPEL’s Prime CS window film is the ideal selection for those prioritizing style and privacy. Elevate your car’s appearance while concealing valuables from potential theft. If you’re seeking a blend of style, privacy, and comfort, explore our ceramic XPEL window films. 20% heat reduction.

For those prioritizing style and privacy, XPEL’s HP window film is an excellent choice. Enhance your vehicle’s appearance and keep valuables discreet. For a blend of style, privacy, and comfort, explore our ceramic Xpel window films.

XPEL’s Prime XR window film is the perfect upgrade for those looking for superior heat rejection in addition to style and privacy. With up to 80% heat rejection (even with a light shade), this film will keep your vehicle cooler on hot days. Ask about tinting your windshield for the ultimate heat rejection solution.

Experience the pinnacle of style and comfort without compromising visibility. Contrary to the belief that dark films are necessary for optimal heat rejection, XPEL’s Prime XR Plus film, with advanced multi-layer nano-ceramic particles, achieves up to 98% heat rejection while maintaining a virtually invisible appearance. Say goodbye to the trade-off between visibility and comfort. Whether you have a lengthy commute, enjoy road trips, or need prolonged outdoor vehicle storage, XPEL’s Prime XR Plus film is the ideal solution.


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